Should I Add A Firepit To My Garden?

So what does a Firepit add to your garden? In this article we will try to address the advantages of adding a Firepit area to your garden, along with some key considerations for choosing your firepit.
  • What Is a Firepit?
  • Firepit Fuel Options
  • Designing Your Firepit Area
  • Choosing Your Firepit

What Is a Firepit?

A firepit is a fantastic addition to your garden, which will allow you to spend longer in the garden and make your home feel bigger! Imagine sitting out in the garden for the perfect BBQ, when the sun starts to fade and the temperature drops… What could be better than gathering around your own fire? Extending the day into the evening and giving you more precious time with your friends and family?

A well-designed firepit area can do exactly that, giving you an extra space that will encourage you out into the garden.

Firepit Fuel Options

There are a few choices of fuel for a useful firepit in the garden. To create a large functional flame, which will provide a good visual effect and a good amount of heat we think your two main choices are wood fuel or gas fuel. Bio-ethonal is an option, but we just don’t think the heat output is sufficient to be truly useful.

Wood Burning

Nothing is better than the crackle of wood burning on an open fire. Wood creates an impressive flame and because you regulate how much wood is burning can be relatively easily controlled.

Our top tip is to burn well-seasoned wood – this will give the best flame, burn easily and be less likely to cause smoke. We also suggest increasing the heat slightly to burn any smoke that might be generated. You can usually source wood from a local estate, but failing that there are some excellent online delivery companies. We like the guys at Dalby Firewood who provide excellent quality wood!

Gas Fuel

We get a lot of enquiries for gas-burning firepits. It is a popular option as some people find the instant on a huge benefit. There is no doubt that lighting a gas firepit is easier and can be more convenient for some.

It is important to remember though that for an impressive flame you’ll need either a large (19Kg +) bottle for LPG or to connect directly to the mains gas supply. You can get fittings for both types of gas, but it is important to specify this when sourcing your firepit since the fittings will be fuel-specific. It is also worth remembering that if you have an LPG-fueled firepit you will need somewhere nearby to hide the bottle.

Designing Your Firepit Area

A well-designed area for your firepit will make or break the space. You want a space that is big enough to do the firepit justice, but also cosy enough to snuggle in. We suggest a distance of around 1m from the edge of the firepit to the front of the seating when designing your space. The most famous TV firepit on ITV2’s Love Island has fixed seats, but it is worth considering seats you can move. This will give you extra flexibility as the fire burns, allowing you to sit closer or further away, depending on how warm or cold you are. Take a look at our stools as an example – Firepit Stools.

Location in the garden is also important. Usually, you want to be close enough to the house to be able to pop in to top up refreshments, but you might also consider being near a summer house or other garden structure. The space above the firepit wants to be open to the elements, with no low branches. If you have a beautiful sculptural firepit like one of ours you probably want to be able to see it from the house so that you can enjoy the artwork, even if you aren’t sat around the firepit! 

Of course, your firepit area is unique to you, so go wild! The perfect spot for a firepit is whatever you have… Whether that is a simple opening or an ornate dedicated space!

Choosing Your Firepit

There is a vast array of firepits available on the market. We are obviously biased, but regardless of what style you choose, there should be a few considerations on your mind.

  1. Choose one that will last – We make our firepits out of 6mm mild steel. This means they will last a long time… A very long time in fact! You may see others in garden centres which seem cheaper, but this is often because they are made from very cheap think metal plate, rather than substantial steel.
  2. Choose one that is right for your space – Some people would always go by “big is best” and though we might agree to a point, it is more important that you find a piece that will fit in your garden. Too small and it will be lost, too big and it might be over-bearing.
  3. Choose one that makes you smile – Your firepit is going to be a stunning part of your garden for some time to come. Make sure you choose one that looks good both when it is burning and when it is not. You want to enjoy this area all day and all year.

You can find lots of styles of firepit, but for some inspiration why not check out our full range?

Essential Accessories

We think the most important accessory for your firepit is a good group of friends to enjoy it with! And of course marshmallows… You can never go wrong with marshmallows!

Ready for the next step?

Are you ready to get a stunning firepit area in your garden? If so please do take a look at our full range of firepit spheres and get in contact for help with choosing the best design for you!

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