Bespoke Designs

Bespoke Designs

We take enormous pride in each and every Firepit we ever make. Hand drawn artwork, skilful freehand cutting and a team of craftsman that care mean each piece we create is unique. Of course we can take the unique angle to a new level and create a design just for you!

See the process below of creating a bespoke piece, so that the Firepit in your garden is a truly personal memory!

Fern Themed Firepit by The Firepit Company


The process starts with an idea and a conversation! Some bespoke commissions take the form of adding personal touches to an existing design, whilst others are completely new designs. Initially a conversation with us can help to crystallise any ideas you might have, so we begin by talking you through what is possible and having a think about how that might work in a sphere. We always suggest that the best approach is to give us the ideas and let us create the art, weaving your thoughts around the ball of your dreams.

We will talk through the right size and options, along with the required design elements, before agreeing the cost for the unique creation. We ask for a deposit on order, which secures your spot on our design list and covers the design work.

We often ask for some images to help us with the more personal aspects – photos of people or pets appearing on the ball help us to gauge relative height and build. Images of significant memories or places can also help us to get the feel just right.


Now it’s time for us to put our heads down and get designing. We start with some research, using your ideas and any images you have provided. We then think about how the design might work as a single piece and how all of the elements can fit together to make a beautiful design. There are several considerations for us to take in to account, including the structure of the ball, how the images flow and how the piece will function as a firepit. We also need to consider not only how each silhouette will work as a stand alone image, but how it will interact with the design on the reverse of the sphere, as you look through the ball.

Once we have the ideas focused in our minds we set to work with a pencil and one of our blank steel spheres. Once the design has taken shape we take images and share them with you, this way you can see how the elements work together and see the piece coming together.

Andy Gage sculptural artist


When we are all happy with the design it is time to send the piece to our workshop to be made. In the cutting room the piece is cut using a freehand plasma. Painstakingly working their way around the ball our cutter examines each section, before carefully tracing each line with their plasma torch. The ball has to be shifted constantly to ensure he strikes at the right angle and achieves a clean, confident, cut.

Once the piece is cut it is taken to our finishing workshop. Here it is ground using a keen eye and angle grinder to clean up all the edges, both inside and out. It is also welded to ensure a seamless finish. Any finishing touches are also applied and the ball is paired with a tubular stand.

Finally the ball is finished – if it is to be naturally finished the piece is dipped to ensure an even starting colour, which will then develop further over time. If the ball is to be painted it is hung before being sprayed with several coats of heat resistant paint. 

Finally the ball is packed, ready to be sent to its new home and enjoyed for years to come!

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