Fireball Fire Pits

In 2014, The Fire Pit Company was invited to showcase the English Country Fireball at the RHS Show in Chelsea.

Since then, we’ve been busy innovating with new original fire pit ball designs and producing individual bespoke pieces of sculptural art for private and corporate clients all across the UK.

Choose your starting point from our Fireball ranges below;

English country fireball by Andy Gage



View our range of ‘Landscape inspired’ Fireballs and start thinking about your own design today.

Country Life


However you use the countryside our Country Life designs are bound to fit the bill.

Abstract Nature


Stretching your imagination our range of abstract nature designs provide an imaginative addition to any garden. From stylised trees to fairies, you’re born d to find something to make you think here!



Our range of Fireballs is as varied as it is intricate. We have created  a varied selection of pieces based on places around the world.



We have been fortunate enough to work on asme truly inspirational bespoke pieces, including a giant 1400mm sphere for the Royal Artillery Officers Mess and a wide range of individual pieces to commemorate the service of the armed forces all over the country. 

We’ve distilled the best of these pieces into some truly magnificent military themed pieces which we know you will love!



Imagine a grand dragon flying through the air, with its majestic wings thundering through the sky and long lazy tail whipping from side to side. This impressive range of firepits will bring this vision to life, with a wide range of dragon designs. During the day this ball is a complex piece of art, at night with fire in its belly this fire pit is a real life fire breathing dragon for your home.



The natural world provides so much inspiration for our designs. From our English Country to our Wildflower we are always seeking new details. We are very lucky to be based in the countryside, so many of the features you see are taken from the local landscape.

Our Nature themed designs are the perfect way to bring a bit of the natural world into your garden!

Bespoke Designs


We take enormous pride in each and every Fireball we ever make. Hand drawn artwork, skilful freehand cutting and a team of craftsman that care mean each piece we create is unique. Of course we can taker the unique angle to a new level and create a design just for you!

See the process below of creating a bespoke piece, so that the Firepit in your garden is a truly personal memory!

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