A brand new concept for the Firepit Company our MiniBlaze Tabletop Firepit is the perfect accessory for your garden. Fuelled by our very own MiniBlaze Fuel which lights quickly, developing a stunning flame, perfect for toasting marshmallows!

Available in Hexagonal or Cylindrical shape the piece is delicately cut before being hand shaped and welded in our workshop. Each MiniBlaze is carefully powder coated to give an even finish and extend the life.

Our MiniBlaze Fuel lasts for 4-5 hrs and can be snuffed and relit multiple times.

Lighting the MiniBlaze

Lighting your mini blaze is easy. Place the MiniBlaze Tabletop Firepit on a solid level surface. Take a MiniBlaze Fuel tin and remove the lid. Careful rough up any closed wick and then place the tin inside the tabletop firepit. Using a long lighter light the edge of each wick and watch the flame develop.

After some time, usually half hour, the soy wax will light making the flame more intense.

Snuffing the MiniBlaze

When you are ready to put the flame out you simply take the provided snuffer and place it over the tin. Leave the snuffer in place for at least a couple of minutes, this will allow the heat to dissipate and reduce smoke.

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