Eco Firepit Fuel

 Our eco firepit fuel is the ultimate in convenience, is made from 100 % vegetable wax and is seriously hot! The added bonus is that it has very low smoke and is virtually odourless, meaning you don’t need to worry about clouds of wood smoke affecting your friends and neighbours!

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What is Eco Fuego Firepit Fuel?

Our Eco Firepit Fuel is made from 100% vegetable and is eco-friendly. It lights near instantly and is near smoke free, with no smell. Each refill lasts up to 8hrs and produces 90% less CO2 than equivalent wood burning.

Each full refill contains the equivalent of around 60 logs, whilst still giving an excellent heat output.

What are the advantages?

  • Easy light
  • No wood smoke
  • Eco friendly
  • 90% less CO2 than wood
  • Convenient
Available with most new firepits and also available as a retrofit for many this is the perfect solution to make enjoying your firepit even easier! 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two types of Eco Firepit Fuel Refills. The refills for new fitments last approximately 8hrs and the specially created retrofit refills last approximately 4hrs.

Simply put the provided snuffer over the flame and leave it in place. That’ll starve the flame and cover the wax while the unit cools. You should leave the snuffer in place to keep water out of the candle.

Eco Firepit Fuel refills can be purchased directly from us, either in 4hr or 8hr refills, depending which kind of firepit you have.

The Eco Firepit Fuel is super easy to light. Place the candle in the specially designed holder then light the cardboard wick. If you are lighting for a second time you may need to remove any loose bits of wick before lighting.

If your Eco Firepit is not lighting and is not producing a full flame after 10 mins, try screwing up a piece of newspaper or kitchen towel into the size of a golf ball and carefully put it into the melted liquid wax between the side of the drum and the wick – That will get it going. You should only have to do this on the first burn.

The top layer of wax has to be fully melted liquid for the wax to ignite as well as the wick to give full impact flame. The Wick heats up the wax and the wax then burns to full potential and sometimes needs a little help. 1 in a 100 of our Eco Firepit Fuels will be what we call “Flooded” with liquid wax and the wick cannot get to full potential. If your candle is not lighting the above solution will sort it out for you.

We suggest that when burning on grass or wooden decking you put a heat resistant tile or stone slab under the burner to avoid it scorching.

There is 6.5kg of wax, the part that’s burning turns to liquid (Similar to a normal candle) the rest remains solid until the last hour.

No! You will need to use the Eco Firepit Kit in your carved Firepit to put the refills in. When it is empty all you do is drop the refill into the empty container and use again.

100% biodegradable vegetable was which has been sustainable sourced from recommended audited suppliers.

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