Water Feature - 900mm Sphere with Jet

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This is a new water feature for us, which has a real impact! A stunning 900mm Carved Steel Sphere sits over an impressive foaming jet to create a real wow factor! The jet produces an impressive foam spray and sits above a warm white LED to really bring the piece alive. Supplied as a stand-alone piece with a self-contained water container this is a surefire way to really bring your garden alive!

The water container is a 1000mm diameter tub, with a natural steel finish. On top sits a custom-made steel plate, which can beocvered with stones and surrounds the stand for the the bespoke drawn and cut steel sphere.

The 900mm steel sphere can be made to a custom design, using the same careful hand-drawn artwork and hand finishing to make a truly unique sphere. The leaf sphere works beautifully, but we have also made versions with a globe design and could do almost any design.

The pump and LED unit require a 240V supply each and the piece itself needs a solid flat surface. The cables for the pump and LEDs come out from the underside of the bowl.

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