Raised BBQ Firepit Flame Design - Large

Product Details

New for 2023 a flame inspired BBQ and raised firepit. The flame motif around the top and on the base produce a stunning looking two in one product, with a giant BBQ for when you need to cook for a crowd and an intricate design for use as a firepit in between.

Designed for those that cook BIG, the raised barbecue firepit provides a generous plated cooking area, leaving ample space for burgers, sausages and other barbecue treats. A central open area has space for a fire which can be spread once burning to heat the whole plate. The central area has a removable grill section for open flame cooking. (Note that you will need heat resistant gloves to remove this once hot).

The outer cooking plate has holes to allow a tripod cooking kit to be added should you prefer this style. The entire hot plate can be removed to provide an open firepit.

Usually made to order, this piece has a 1000mm diameter top and the base is 650mm wide. It is a comfortable height to stand alongside while cooking and has enough cooking space to fit the biggest appetites!

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