Firepit Table

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A stunning social piece with central firepit and rustic style table around. A new concept for 2022, this piece is proving extremely popular. Can be wood fired or with optional gas fitting for convenience. 

You’ll love extending the evening outside with the warm of the fire as a perfect backdrop to your drinks or meal. 

The table is made from reclaimed boards and carefully hand finished. 

The design around the top of the firepit is hand drawn, meaning we can do a wide range of designs. The first version has an intricate mehndi design, which provides an interesting set of details and casts a great shadow. 

We can also work on a bespoke design for the top, with elements agreed between us to make a stunning personal piece. 

If wood fired we design the top to have a sufficient opening on one side to build a fire. If gas fuelled the controls are just below the tabletop. 

Gas fuel can be by LPG bottled gas or natural gas. LPG will need to be 19kg bottles and there is space in the base to store the bottle. Natural gas will need to be installed by a competent person. 

Please note there is some putting together required - the table will be provided in sections that need to be secured together. 

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