Firepit Hex: Africa

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Our classic Africa Firepit in a brand new format. We have combined our beautiful hand-drawn design, along with our careful finishing to create a stunning hexagonal firepit. In a new panel format, the pieces slot together to produce a classic Firepit Company piece of art, with a space for a big fire!

The Africa design has six unique panels, each drawn with the same careful attention to detail and including our usual creative flair. A pair of elephants make their way across one panel, while on another a pride of lions with an eagle soaring overhead. Another panel depicts a gentle giraffe lifting his head into the mopani treetops, you can find rhino and springboks on another. You will also find a buffalo and a leopard creeping along the base of the trees.

Note that the burning pictures show the English Country version.

A grill plate is available as an optional extra, which can be placed at two heights and provides a stable cooking platform.

The piece is 715mm x 715mm x 410mm high.

We have created a robust piece, which is made from 4mm steel and is built to last. It also has the advantage of being collapsible, so can be packed away if you are tight on space. The hex can be put together in minutes and collapsed once it has cooled down. Like all of our pieces, you will need a good base underneath that can stand the heat - gravel, a natural stone slab or mud.

This piece has been carefully hand-drawn, before being digitised and machine cut to preserve all of the detail in the drawing. Each piece is then hand-packed by our team to be sent out. Provided in natural finish the metal will age over time.

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