Sculptural Beacons

Sculptural Beacons

Designed as stunning sculptural art these beacons provide an intricate column that is as versatile as it is beautiful. Initially displayed as a group of three the beacons work as a set or as individual pieces. Designed to be lit with LEDs they will provide a great focal point for a garden, centrepiece in a special feature or perhaps a modern alternative/addition to a row of trees along a driveway. They are the perfect piece for a corporate space and can be customised with appropriate branding.

Sculptural beacon by Andy Gage

Original creations

Originally created as a set of three for our 2018 RHS Chelsea Flower display the sculptural beacons have proved to be a popular addition to our artistic range. A unique shape the creation of artwork is a rewarding challenge, which gives a plethora of opportunities and provides an excellent canvas on which to draw!

Usually in place as a lit feature the powerful LED gives a stunning light that will make this piece as engaging by night as it is by day.

All individually commissioned these pieces are only available directly from us.

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