Tree of Life Sphere

Originally the Tree of Life was intended to fill our new Ellipse design and take my firepits to a new angle. Naturally I needed to put this on to our classic sphere and it looks fantastic! The intricate tree design still has twisting branches with long sprawling roots. A beautiful design that will be a wonderful focal point to your garden.

Standard Prices 650mm 800mm 900mm
Natural Finish £ 1149 £ 1549 £ 1599
Heat Resistant Paint £ 1229 £ 1659 £ 1719
Optional LED Kit (Additional cost) £ 60 £ 60 £ 60


Price for a hand made ball with standard design.  Delivery is not included. Prices include VAT.

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Tripod Cooking Stand for Small Bowls


Tripod Cooking Stand for Small Bowls Tri50OL

A beautifully crafted tripod cooking stand to compliment your firepit bowl. A simple to use product that gives your bowl a second life. The cooking plate is height adjustable via the chain at the top of the tripod and can be easily removed once you are done cooking.

Manufactured in the UK by skilled craftsman this is the perfect accessory for your bowl.

Note this size is suitable for 650mm bowls. A larger version version is also available.

£140 In stock
Brand:The Firepit Company
Cooking Plate Tripod Cooking Stand for Small Bowls Tripod and Cooking Plate Easily Adjustable Secure Fixing Intricate Details Tripod Cooking Stand for Small Bowls