The Africa Ball


A beautiful sculptural firepit with an African Safari scene hand carved around the ball. A pair of elephants make their way around the ball, blissfully unaware of the lion that awaits them. On the other side of the ball is gentle giraffe lifting his head into the mopani treetops as a rhino works below. You will also find an eagle soaring and a leopard creeping along the base of the trees. Beautifully hand crafted into the 6mm steel ball the scenes come alive when the firepit is lit, making a perfect centrepiece for your garden.

Pictures include an image of the ball half way through cutting, which shows the leopard climbing in the tree. Please remember that in these pictures the steel has not yet developed its attractive rust patina, which normally takes 2-3 months to mature.

 Standard Prices 650mm 800mm 900mm
Natural Finish £ 949 £ 1449 £ 1499
Heat Resistant Paint £ 1029 £ 1559 £ 1619
Optional LED Kit (Additional cost) £ 60 £ 60 £ 60


Price for a hand made ball with standard design.  Delivery is not included. Prices include VAT.

16 thoughts on “The Africa Ball

  1. omg these are true beauty and such a talent you have to make such a beautiful piece of art. I’m amazed and can say if I had money I would for sure love to buy one of these x

  2. Hi love the African ball please could you send me the dimensions and a price this would look stunning in my garden and reminds my of fantastic times in the kenyan bush. Thank you.

    1. Hello Sandra, i have sent an email to you, if its not in you inbox can you check your spam please! thanks, andrew

  3. Hi,

    could I please have a pricing guide for the horse fire ball and the Africa fire ball please?

    1. Hello diane, please have a look at our pieces page for prices please! or feel free to call me on 07977 222884, i am happy to discuss the fireballs anytime!



  4. Could you please let me know how much an African ball is please, they are all amazing

  5. Please could you let me know the price of the African ball and size also waiting time. A truely remarkable piece of sculpture

    1. Hello Julie

      i apologise for the delay in replying, i have only just seen your message on my website. Thank you for your kind remarks about my work! i wanted to create a functional sculpture that looked great lit or unlit.

      i make the balls in two sizes, 800 and 900mm. the balls cost £1449 in 800mm and £1499 in 900mm, i can customise them to make it personal to you. my waiting time at the moment is about 8 weeks

      if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, on 07977 222884

      Best Regards


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