Water Feature

A stunning alternative to a firepit the sculptural water feature has been designed to retain the same iconic features of our popular firepits with an alternative focus. A large sandstone sphere sits inside a larger carved steel sphere. Water slowly bubbles from the top of the stone and flows around the ball. The gentle sound trickling water is perfect addition to any garden. The sound of water slowly trickling over the stone ball is mesmerising, whilst subtle LED lights at the top illuminate the water as it flows.

The steel sphere can also be lifted off and placed on an alternative base to work as a firepit in another location if required. Because of the way the steel sphere fits over the water feature the piece can be made in a wide range of designs and is available with a 650mm or 800mm steel sphere.

Brand new for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019 this is bound to be a hit!

 Standard Prices 1000mm
Available Now
650mm Andy Gage Collection Design £ 1349
650mm Andy Gage Collection Design £ 1449
650mm Andy Gage Collection Design £ 1849
650mm Andy Gage Collection Design £ 1949

Price for a hand made ball with standard design.  Delivery is not included. Prices include VAT.