Wall Panels

Our steel wall panels are the perfect addition to your garden, or home. Initially designed with a stunning wildflower we can create a wide range of designs. Each sheet is artist designed before being machine cut and hand finished.

Available indiviudally and in sets the wall art provides a stunnig backdrop to any space. The panels can also be LED lit to provide an modern edge.

The standard large sheet is 1150mm x 1150mm and has 6 fixing points. Designs can be made in a wide range of sizes and proportions.

 Standard Prices 1150mm x 1150mm 1150mm x 575mm 575mm x 575mm
Wall Panel £ 300 £ 225 £ 175
Optional LED Kit

Note: LED strip is waterproof, but plug and connectors will need to be protected.

£ 60 £ 60 £ 60