Illuminated Wall Mount

Beautiful hand drawn and cut illuminated wall mount. This piece is 1000mm in diameter and provides and wonderful focal point for a special spot in your garden. The Tree of Life design (pictured) shows the intricate pattern of a tree from root to branch, which weaves its way around the face of the piece. The image comes to life when viewed from different angles and will form a stunning lighting feature on the right wall.

The piece can be supplied with an LED lighting kit (As pictured) and provides a beautiful lighting feature, or without the LED it is a beautiful artwork.

The piece will need to be installed on to the wall (Fixings supplied, but final method will be situation specific) and the LED kit will need installation by a competent person.

 Standard Prices 1000mm
Available Now
Available Now
Tree of Life Design £ 699 £ 499
English Country Inspired Design £ 699 £ 499
Africa Inspired Design £ 699 £ 499
Bespoke Design £ 774 (From) £ 574 (From)
Optional Warm White LED Kit (Recommended) £ 75 £ 75

Price for a hand made ball with standard design.  Delivery is not included. Prices include VAT.

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