Sculptural Beacons

Designed as stunning sculptural art these beacons provide an inricate column that is as versatile as it is beautiful. Initially displayed as a group of three the beacons work as a set or as individual pieces. Designed to be lit with LEDs they will provide a great focal point for a garden, centrepiece in a special feature or perhaps a modern alternative/addition to a row of trees along a driveway. They are the perfect piece for a corporate space and can be customised with appropraite branding.

The original set of three have complimentary nature designs, with foliage working its way up the tube and, in some, hiding a variety of wildlife. 

Available in 1600mm, 2300mm and 3000mm our initial run of these beautiful sculptures is made in 400mm diameter tube. Other heights and diameters are also available by request.

The 1600mm version can be designed with a grill at the base to make it a burning piece, though we think it looks best as a sculpture lit with LEDs.

 Standard Prices 1600mm 2300mm 3000mm
400mm Diameter – Natural Finish £ 1250 £ 1725 £ 2250
Optional LED Kit (Recommended) £ 80 £ 80 £ 80