Ball finishes and Electric Lighting

DSC_2297Natural Finish

Our firepits have a beautiful natural finish. Over time the surface develops a rich and deep patina, which changes with the seasons. The colour develops only the surface, meaning that 6mm steel structure of the ball will remain in tact and give years of pleasure.


Optional Heat Resistant Paint

Our Firepits can be painted with a heat resistant paint for those who don’t want the rusty steel look. The paint gives the ball a crisp contemporary look. The finish is applied once the ball is painted and cost £80 – £120 for a ball and £80 for a bowl.

DSC_3381 DSC_3399


Colour Changing LED

We can supply a 16 colour,  10W colour changing removable floodlight that fits in and out of the Fireball in seconds, so that you can admire your fireball all year round without the effort of lighting a fire! The unit is remote controlled, so changing the colour or sequence of lights in your firepit could not be simpler! The unit is easy to remove for those last minute fire-lighting moments. Light unit cost £60 and will require a 240v supply.

DSC_3141 DSC_3131

The video below shows the LED unit cycling through various colours.