Making the Firepits

All of our Firepits are crated by hand, resulting in a unique piece each and every time.

Each Fireball starts life as two hemispheres of 6mm steel. The two hemispheres are then welded together and cleaned to remove any oil or debris from the construction.

Designs are hand drawn on the balls by our artist. Standard balls follow one of our design themes, pulling in elements to fulfil the brief. Bespoke balls are created following a customer consultation to capture specific requirements for that ball. Each drawing develops at its own pace and creates a life of its own. The ball is then cut entirely by hand using a plasma cutter. The cutting process inevitably results in additions to the drawing, as the look of each individual ball springs to life.

The finished balls can be painted with a heat proof paint or they can be left to weather and develop a rust patina naturally. If left in their natural finish it will take many decades for a ball to rust away, and as the rust develops they look very organic in an appealing industrial way. A beautiful addition to any garden.

Once a ball is finished our team carefully prepare the ball for dispatch, ready to create a lifetime of memories in its new home.