About Me!

My name is Andy Gage, I am a 34 year old farmer from Haverhill, Suffolk. My wife and I have a mixed farm with Poultry, Horses and Cropping. I took over the farm when I was 21 and have been looking for new things to do on the farm ever since.

I started making Fireballs in 2013 as a diversification to keep me busy during our slow periods on the farm. I was inspired by the variety of Firepits available on the market and I felt that I would enjoy producing individual, artistic Fireballs. I really enjoy the whole process from discussing ideas and inspirations with clients for their Fireball, and then turning their ideas into reality.

The business is growing rapidly, but our attention to detail and quality on behalf of our clients will be at the forefront of our business as we go forward creating unique, individual art works.